Sunday, November 21, 2010


Have you ever lost something and, despite wracking your brain for every possible location, you still can't find it.  I did this when I moved.  You see, every year I buy both Llewellyn's Datebook and Spell-A-Day Almanac.  I have a collection of them from quite a few years.  In fact, right now, 2011's versions are sitting on my "special" bookshelf just waiting for the turning of the calender page.  When I moved, way back in September, I lost both books.  I thought they would show up while unpacking, no such luck, I thought I might have left them at work and, with a newly organized desk - still no books.  It was driving me absolutely bonkers to see my collection marred by two missing volumes!
Tonight, I was determined to search everywhere and, if unsuccessful, finally give them up as lost.  I checked boxes and bins in the garage, under the stairs, the computer desk, my bedroom and finally sat down in my new "special" room and pulled what may very well be the first spell I ever memorized

Wolves and Faeries
Dragons and Ghosts
I've lost the thing I need the most
My planners are gone, they must be found
Whether lost above or below the ground
Bring them back as quick as can be
As I will, so mote it be*

Now, I had tried this spell before to no avail, but I think the extra oomph of the full moon pushed it over the edge because within minutes I was clutching the books in my hands.  They had been stored in a plastic bin with a ton of magazines, under the bed in the guestroom.  Does anyone else out there have any experience finding lost objects?  Or any helpful little spells that they have memorized for the mundane annoyances of life?

*I would love to give credit to the source for this spell but I memorized it so long ago that I have no idea where it came from.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Great New Song - Library Girl

I absolutely love this song. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain

 Well, here I am.  All alone.  Fiance is on his ship for the next 5 weeks and I am spending my very first night alone in our new home.  At the moment I am listening to the Witches Brew Ha Ha podcast (a friend has been recommending it for weeks), reading Magical Housekeeping by Tess Whitehurst (review to come) and laughing at my two dogs as they desperately try to remove their Halloween costumes (Callie is a Witch and Poseidon is a Pirate).  I have had a grand total of 5 trick or treaters so far and am seriously hoping that more kids come by or I am going to be handing out some serious candy in my classroom on Monday.  My plan, is to do some magickal working (smudging and the like) tonight after I am sure that no more kids are going to show up. 

Here is hoping that everyone is having a safe and happy Samhain!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Not Feeling It This Year

Normally, I am thrilled for this time of year. Normally, I would break out the Halloween music weeks in advance. Normally, I would relish in the Halloween blogs and read scary stories until well past the witching hour. This year however, I'm just not feeling it. I haven't bought a pumpkin, I've barely glanced at most of my favorite blogs and I haven't even given a thought to plans for Samhain. I'm not sure what exactly is causing this disconnect. Perhaps it is the fact that I have just moved and am pre-occupied with getting everything just-so. Perhaps I am unable to look forward to the 31st as it is also the day that Fiance leaves for a 5 week stint at sea. Or, perhaps, my busy schedule leaves time for little more than sleeping, working, eating and bathing (occasionally at least hehe).

Have you ever felt that you just couldn't get into the spirit? Did you do anything to break the funk? Or just let it ride out and hope for next year?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


A Fantastic Video.  Really wish I could find a way to incorporate this in my jr high English Classes.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost a Milestone!

Just noticed that I am at 99 followers.  Come on #100!!!

A Great New Blog!

 A couple of friends of mine have started a great new blog:  Remedial Witchcraft.  The plan is for Rhi and her partner, Son of Hermes, to go back to the basics of witchcraft and spend two months on each topic. Here is how she explains it:

"I've broken it down into 6 core skillsets - visualization, stones, tarot, herbs, mythology, and tools. My intention is to spend 2 months on each topic, posting 3 times weekly (or more, should I be able to manage it). At the end, my goal is to have the good beginnings of a book of shadows, as well as a better understand of myself. I also want to offer it as something anyone can follow, should they feel the need to brush up on their own skills."

I encourage everyone to take a look and become a follower, I guarantee great things to come!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jumping Back In

 Have you ever found yourself in a period of time where your spirituality (and hobbies and personal time) take a backseat to the business of real life?  Since we made the offer on the house, I have been swept along in a sea of "got to do's".  First, I was busy packing, organizing and re-routing my life in preparation of the move.  Then, it was unpacking, organizing and getting used to a new area.  Now, I'm playing catch-up at work, STILL organizing and trying to find a balance between the "got to do's" and the "want to do's". 
I took a step back from my spiritual work (blogging, studying, practicing) in order to gain some extra time for move preparation and, as more time went on, I found it more and more difficult to return to my old schedules.  I still am not where I want to be at work (tons of correcting to do), I still don't have EVERY box unpacked or everything that is unpacked organized the way I want it and I still don't have all my pictures up and I definitely haven't bought all the things that I need BUT, nevertheless, here I am, jumping back in.  Here's hoping I don't drown!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

TeacherWitch Buys A Home

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind adventure.  We returned from visiting the future in-laws to a notice that our rent would be increasing AGAIN.  It was set to go up from $915 to $950 plus an extra $15/month for the second parking space.  When speaking to my parents about this, and lamenting that this is close to what we would pay for a mortgage, my incredible, wonderful, loving parents offered to lend us the deposit money for a house.  So we started shopping.  On the first day I saw a beautiful home with cathedral ceilings and an open concept living room/dining room/kitchen.  It was perfect.  BUT, it was the first day out.  So we saw more homes.  Three trips later and it was Friday, we were set to look at more homes and take a second look at the one I already loved.  Lo and behold, the sellers had agreed to drop the price.  They were motivated because they had already purchased another home.  At the end of the day, I didn't want to wait any longer and just five days after we started looking, we made an offer and it was accepted.  This last week has been full of phone calls and contract signing and all the ins and outs of making sure the deal doesn't fall through (there was another couple waiting in the wings if we backed out, EEP!).  So far, all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.  Financing is done, Home inspection went great and we have arranged for a lawyer and for home insurance.  NOW, it is down to packing, selling some items that are no longer needed, donating whatever I can't sell and shopping for new furniture for my beautiful new home. 

I apologize in advance for any further absence but my to-do list has tripled in size and school is just over a week away!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The NEW Halifax Market

Today Fiance and I went to check out the new market.  It is a beautiful airy space (albeit very crowded on opening day).  There was some controversy surrounding the new digs but I say progress (especially progress that allows for more room and better maneuverability for the less-able patrons) is fine by me!  I am assuming that a great deal of the foot traffic consisted of people who were there for a gander at the new building and that, in the coming weeks, things will calm down to the point where the market will be a more relaxing place to be. 

My first glimpse:

Some of the Vendors' wares:

The Wall of Green:

The View from Above:

My Haul: (Fiance couldn't wait to steal a few blueberries)

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Return and a Prize Winner!

I have returned to the land of The Grid.  Fiance and I were planning a trip to see his family sometime in August.  On Friday night we found out that his father was leaving within the week for a job in Alberta (oh the woes of the East Coast family).  SOOOO, we decided to head out Sunday morning.  Which, was much sooner than I anticipated and left me scrambling to get things shored up here.  As a result, a few things were left unfinished.  One of which, is the blog giveaway.  And so, without further ado, the winner of Out of The Broom Closet is Debbie!  Please email me ( with your address, so I can send out your prize. 

To all of those who did not win, thanks for playing and rest assured, a new prize draw is coming in a few weeks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have been banished to the living room.  You see, my guestroom is my little sanctuary.  I keep all my books in there, my herbs and crystals and my big computer (I am currently using my netbook).  I normally do all my blogging in there, especially the stone and herb of the week posts because I refer to a number of books for them. 

However, the cat has thwarted my comfort.  A couple of nights ago he brought a live mouse into the house and chased it into my guest room.  I despise rodents.  Every time I see one I get the shivers and an overwhelming urge to jump on furniture.  So, the first night, we locked the cat in the room, hoping that he would kill the mouse.  Next morning - no body that we can find.  The next night, sticky traps went down with a blob of peanut butter in the middle.  This morning - no mouse.  I am thoroughly freaked out and refusing to go in the room.  Is is possible that the cat ate the whole mouse and left no remnants behind?  Should I leave the traps out for another few days or should I start clearing out the guestroom and its over-stuffed closet just to be sure...

P.S yes, that is a picture of a cat eating a computer mouse.  It is not my cat, but I couldn't even bear to put up a picture of a cat with a real mouse - that's how freaked out I am!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PEI Pagan Gathering

 AHHHH home safe and sound.  I had a wonderful weekend at the PEI Pagan Gathering and would like to encourage anyone who lives in the maritimes to make plans to attend next year. We had beautiful weather right up until the last morning and were just minutes from the beach.  The hosting group led a ritual for each element including a moonlit beach water ritual (including a moonlight swim!) and a fantastically exciting fire ritual that kept us asking "how did they do that?".  The weekend also included a number of workshops on topics like tarot, journeying, and creating rituals as well as a message circle.  Our campfire was blessed with the sound of drums and the taste of smores (and grilled pineapple, YUM!).  I want to thank the organizers and all those who attended for a wonderful atmosphere and a fantastic weekend.  Can't wait till next year!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time to Escape

I will be away for the next few days.  My friends and I are off to the PEI Pagan Gathering.  It is held at a campground that is just minutes away from the beach.  Time for some relaxation and rejuvenation.  See you next week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

ABC Book of Shadows

On a recent trip to my favorite pagan store Little Mysteries.  I came across the cutest little board book and decided to buy it for my friend's daughter.  It is called ABC Book of Shadows and is by Katie Lydon Olivares.  Here are some pics:

I love the God and Goddess pages and Samhain is one of my favorites.  I think I'm going to have to start buying this book in bulk for all my little witchlets!

P.S Don't forget to enter the giveaway for the book Out of the Broom Closet! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Giveaway: Out of the Broom Closet

Out of the Broom Closet: 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft is a wonderful book that describes, through narratives, the fear, excitement and nervousness that abounds when one steps out of the proverbial Broom Closet.  The stories are funny, inspiring and sometimes a little sad.  They deal with parents, friends, children, co-workers and show how those who stand by you can sometimes be surprising.  This is a great book for anyone who has ever stepped out of the Broom Closet or even for those still buried deep inside.

I will keep the giveaway up for a week or two and then draw a winner.  Remember, the more times you enter, the more chances you get! 

How to Enter

1 entry will be given for each of the following:
-Following my Blog (or already being a follower)
-Adding me on Facebook
-Adding me on Twitter
-Tweeting about the Giveaway
-Blogging about the Giveaway

2 entries will be given for each Friend you refer.  They should comment here or email and mention your username.

Make sure you comment on this post and tell me which of the above you have done.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calming Anger with Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is an excellent stone for those who struggle with anger issues or, who simply need help in specific situations.  Anger can have many detrimental effects.  It can cause us to say things we don't mean to loved ones, it can cause poor relations with co-workers and it can even affect our driving and cause us to make poor decisions.  It is wise to examine our own anger triggers and to utilize the calming influence of Blue Lace Agate in those situations.  For example:

- If you find driving to be a stressful time and you feel that your anger with other drivers affects the safety of yourself and your loved ones, why not place a Blue Lace Agate stone in the car.  On you dashboard, in your glove compartment or hanging from your rear view mirror - the calming stone will ensure that you get home safely.

- Try holding a piece of Blue Lace Agate when starting a difficult conversation.  Whether you are speaking with a significant other, a child or a co-worker, the stone will help you keep your cool and speak calmly and rationally.

- Keep a piece of Blue Lace Agate in your desk or office for those particularly stressful days.

- Keep a piece by the phone to help stay calm in the face of angry voices on the other end. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phoenix's Simplified Bruschetta

I love serving Bruschetta to guests but I find starting from scratch means I am in the kitchen all night instead of enjoying the party.  So, I started taking some shortcuts including pre-diced tomatoes and pre-shredded cheese.

1 Can Aylmer Accents Diced Tomatoes: Garlic and Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Basil
Kraft Italiano Shredded Cheese

Cut baguette.  In the past I have simply cut "rounds" by slicing all the way down the baguette.  But, when in a hurry, I will cut the baguette in half (or thirds) and then slice each piece lengthwise to expose the white part.  This cuts down on how much time you spend turning, seasoning and topping

Brush Baguette pieces with olive oil and place in hot oven on Broil.  Turn once or twice until just toasted.

Meanwhile, remove any stems and chop basil.  Drain tomatoes in a colander and add the basil. 

When bread is toasted, add a spoonful or two of the tomato mixture to each piece.  Season with salt and pepper.  Top with cheese and put back into the oven until cheese has melted. 

Herb Garden Update

I thought I would update on how my herbs have been growing so far.

You can see my Cascading Rosemary and Sage are slowly creeping along:

My Lavender has started to bloom and the Chives have gotten a haircut:

I picked up a couple of hanging baskets.  Not quite sure what kind of flowers they are.  I may have to take a better picture if we ever get a sunny day again:

My Apple Mint, Rue and Anise are all doing well, and my Tequila Sunrise Columbine flowers have started to peek through, not sure if they will bloom this summer at all:

Chocolate Mint is still growing quite well:

And my Wooly Thyme, Lemon Balm and Catnip are doing well.  Again, Columbine are growing but I am not sure if they will bloom this year:

It seems I forgot to take a picture of my Basil and new Rosemary plant.  Those will have to come later as it is pouring down rain right now.

Herb of the Week - Basil

I both love and despise Basil all at the same time.  I love it because it is wonderfully fragrant and delicious in almost any dishes.  I despise it because I have yet to find a way to grow Basil without killing it.  The first year, I planted too early for my region and it died.  The second year I waited an additional month and I think I overwatered (I thought wilting meant needed more water - oops).  This year,I planted Genovese and Purple Bail and I have been babying them to no end.  I waited until July to put them outdoors, I am very careful about how much I am watering them, I move them indoors in heavy rain or wind or if I feel that it is just too hot in the afternoon (I have noticed them wilting if they get too hot).  In short, I am dead and determined to have healthy Basil plants this year!

Basil is a wonderful herb that can be found in most herb gardens or growing on kitchen windowsills.  Basil likes full sun but should be fairly sheltered from high winds.  Be sure to wait until well after the last frost before sowing your basil as cold temperatures are its worst enemy.  Basil does not like to soak in water and should receive proper drainage. 
Basil comes in a number of varieties.  My favorite are genovese basil and purple basil.  Others include cinnamon basil, lemon basil and Thai basil.  Basil is delicious in soups, salads, dips and sauces.  I add basil to nearly all of my Italian dishes.  It also makes a beautiful garnish.
Magickally, Basil is associated with protection, courage, wealth, love, divination and creativity.  For a financial boost, plant Basil near the front door.  Cook with fresh basil to enhance feelings of passion and love.  Carry in your pocket or place in your wallet or purse to bring continued wealth.  If you are a business owner - Place Basil leaves in a cash register or above the doorsill to attract customers.  Bathe with basil to increase attractiveness. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stone of the Week - Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful pale blue stone.  Its bands often reminds one of the gentle waves of the ocean or ripples in a bond.  It is a wonderful calming stone and promotes a serene environment.  It has a cooling energy that can work to lower a temperature or calm a hot temper.  Blue Lace Agate brings peace of mind and increases spiritual inspiration.  It is associated with the throat chakra and clears the way for expression of thoughts and feelings.  It is an excellent stone for those dealing with issues of judgment, particularly when they feel they are being judged by others.  Therefore, it is wise to carry a piece if entering a situation where you feel you are going to be judged (ie, parent-child interactions, neighbors, that cliquey woman's group!).  
Physically, Blue Lace Agate's cooling properties can be utilized to calm an infection, inflammation or fever.  It can aid with any throat problems but is also useful for the neck and shoulders.  It works to help heal bone issues such as arthritis, bone deformity or fractures.  Blue Lace Agate can also aid with blockages in the nervous system, capillaries or pancreas.  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Herb of the Week - Recipes

To finish off the first Herb of the Week, I thought I would post a few incense recipes.  These are from Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews

Rosemary Healing Incense:
1 Part Dried Rosemary
1 Part Dried Juniper Berries

Crush herbs and burn on charcoal disc

Study Incense:
2 parts Gum Mastic
1 part Rosemary

Crush herbs and burn on charcoal disc

Crystal Purification Incense
2 Parts Frankincense
2 parts Copal
1 part Sandalwood
1 part Rosemary
1 pinch finely powdered salt
1 small, purified Quartz Crystal Point

Crush herbs and place in a jar.  Add the quartz crystal. Pour herbs onto charcoal disc (be sure to LEAVE the crystal in the jar).  Pass crystals to be purified through the smoke. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

On Listening to Good Advice

I'm stubborn.  A few months ago, I bought Scott Cunningham's The Complete Book if Incense, Oils and Brews.  I have a rather large herb collection and decided to make an incense for Imbolc.  I didn't follow one of his recipes - NOOOOOO that would be too easy.  I made up my own.  I picked some herbs appropriate for Imbolc (gleaned from my notes on the Sabbat) ground them, mixed them together, bottled them and then put them aside for a few weeks.  I didn't even think about the incense until Imbolc when I lit a charcoal disc, opened the bottle and FELL IN LOVE! OMG I didn't remember it smelling that good when I made it!  Slowly, a horrific realization took hold of me - I hadn't written down the recipe.  Cunningham stressed the importance of writing recipes, in fact, I'm pretty sure he mentioned it at least 5 times.  But I knew better! I would never want to re-create this particular recipe, I would simply explore a new avenue and try something else, right? WRONG! My lesson in all of this - when someone who has been working with herbs and writing about herbs for as long as Cunningham has - LISTEN TO HIS ADVICE!

After an hour or so of sniffing what little I had left and experimenting with the herbs I had on hand (luckily I could narrow it down by looking at the original Sabbat notes), I did manage to re-create it.  So here is the recipe:

Purple Basil (I grow and dry my own - I have never seen it available in a store but I am sure regular basil would be fairly close)
Frankincense Resin

I didn't really follow any set measurements but I have added to my notes to go light on the Chamomile and heavier on the Basil.  Also, try not to over-work the Frankincense - it got started to get gummy on me.

*I will probably re-post this recipe next Imbolc.

How NOT to clean your crystals

There are several methods for cleansing stones.  However, some of those methods are not recommended for certain crystals.  I have been compiling a list.  Here is what I have so far:


-Rose Quartz

Burying in Salt
-Fresh Water Pearls

Do you have any to add?

*Note: There are a number of methods for cleansing stones that not mentioned such as under moonlight, by placing on a crystal cluster or burying in soil.  But, as these are usually non-damaging methods (to my knowledge) I have not included them.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Step Back Into The Broom Closet

My parents came to visit this week and I did something I haven't done in a couple of years - I hid in the broom closet.  I put away my books, dismantled my altar and hid my tools.  You see, my father is not exactly open-minded.  This was the first time that he has visited since I moved into this apartment a few years ago.  I normally keep the guest room as my own personal sanctuary.  I have two bookshelves full of Pagan books.  I have a dresser that serves as an altar and which has drawers that organize all my tools (one for herbs, one for candles, one for stones - yes yes, I am THAT neurotic) and a large chest that holds everything that doesn't fit in those categories.  In the last year or two, I have started leaving everything intact when company comes, even when that company includes friends of Fiance.  I have even started leaving books around in the living room where they are much more visible and likely to attract attention.  But my father is a different story.  Don't get me wrong, I love him, I mean REALLY love him and I am very much like him.  But the minute I see him, it is like I am a teenager again who is constantly looking for his approval.  And so, even now, at 28, I hide the things that I think he will disapprove of and I feel incredibly sad while doing so.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Stone of the Week - Clear Quartz

While helping a friend with the last of her moving, I found a piece of quartz that she had tucked away in a corner and it dawned on me that, when starting this blog feature, I hadn't written about, perhaps, the most commonly owned of all crystals.

Clear quartz can be found in most New Age shops and can be purchased fairly cheaply.  Nearly every pagan that I know owns at least one piece of it (many own tons of it!).  It can be found in a myriad of sizes and shapes as both stand alone stones and incorporated into jewelery, statues and various tools. 

Clear Quartz is one of the best all purpose stones as its clear coloring, and the fact that it holds all the colors of the rainbow, lends itself to all types of magick.  It also amplifies our intentions and the vibrations of other stones.   Quartz is an excellent stone for purification.  It brings harmony and balance.  Quartz can be used for gazing and conjures up images of the ancient witch staring into a crystal ball. 

Clear quartz is known as master healer and can aid with any affliction.  It brings harmony within the body and works with all of the chakras.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Herb of the Week - Rosemary

I thought I would start my Herb of the Week postings with Rosemary as it is very common within most Witches' gardens and can easily be found within nearly everyone's kitchen. 

Rosemary is a beautifully fragrant herb that can be easily incorporated into both magick and cooking.  Young plants are usually readily available at most nurseries.  I have also seen Rosemary more and more often in ready-made herb pots (containing multiple herbs) at most grocery stores (Superstore and Sobeys here in Canada). 

As a cooking herb, Rosemary is piney with a hint of lemon.  It works very well with basil or thyme.  It can be used with nearly all meats and is particularly good when paired with lamb or poultry.  It is also a great partner with eggplant, potatoes and in many sauces and marinades.  Rosemary is one herb that many people keep close to the barbecue in order to add flavor and fragrance to dishes. 

As a magickal herb, Rosemary holds powers of Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep and Youth.  It can be burned to purify a space or prepare for a ritual and works well in incenses.  Rosemary may be burned in the bedroom or kept under the pillow to protect the sleeper and drive away nightmares.  It may be hung throughout the house, particularly in doorways or on porches, to protect the inhabitants and drive away thieves.  Rosemary can be used in baths or bathing products to ensure youthfulness (I have a rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner that smells DIVINE).  It works well in nearly all magickal applications including dream pillows, poppets and tinctures. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Witch for my Collection!

A few days ago I received my custom doll from The Zombie Farm.  She is a Zombie Witch!

Clearly, Eeyore loves her already:

She came with a Toe Tag and special Charm Bag

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Study Groups Now Available at The Witches' Path

 The Witches' Path forum is now offering informal study groups.  The forum can be found here: The Witches' Path and a description of the study groups has been posted by the forum administrator:
As per requested, we now have Study Groups for people to learn together. There are no teachers, no set curriculum, just a place for people to learn and study together 

Available Study Groups for July 2010:

  • Herbalism
  • Crystals
  • Tarot
  • Runes
  • Deities
  • Holiday Lore

Each Study Group is available for 6 months, except for Tarot which will be open for one year. You will be able to join a group a week before its opening date, requests to join on or after the opening date for the group will be rejected. Once a group has closed, all topics and posts will be archived, access to the archive will not be given so it is important that you make a copy of all information you wish to keep.

You can be a part of as many Study Groups as you like and for example if you are part of the July 2010 Herbalism Study Group, there's nothing to stop you from joining another Herbalism Study Group once the July one has finished, its completely up to you

AHHHHH! Finished

Well, as of yesterday I am finished teaching and off for the summer.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my job, but this was a particularly painful year and I am incredibly happy to be finished.  I am looking forward to a long summer filled with relaxation.  For the blog this summer, I intend to read and review a couple of books, and start chronicling a little more spell work (since I will actually have TIME to do more spellwork).  I am also off to the PEI Pagan Gathering later this month.  This year promises to be bigger than ever!  To all the teacher's out there, I wish you health and happiness on the road to relaxation!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coffeetable Terrariums

As some of you will remember, I have changed the colors in my living room over to green.  I thought a great addition to that would be a group of three terrariums for my coffee table.  I am kicking myself now for not taking pictures along the way but I will try to describe the steps without pretty pictures.

First, I chose a set of three apothecary jars.  I got these on sale at Home Outfitters.  They are a little smaller than regular jars but they serve my purpose well. 

I cleaned the jars with hot water and placed an inch or two of stones in the bottom.  The stones are just ones that I found in the bottom of my magick storage trunk.  I am sure most any pebbles will work. 

Then I went searching for plants.  These can be purchased, of course, but I decided to gather them in a wooded area near my apartment.  I don't know a whole lot about the local plants but I picked out some moss, clover and grasses.  I brought my trowel with me and dug the plants up by the roots, placing them in ziplock bags for transport.

Back at home, I place a couple inches of soil in the bottom of the jars then planted my new plants.  I had to trim the moss and the grasses to make them fit.  I decided to stick with just one plant per jar because mine are small but may attempt a larger terrarium in the future and use different types of plants. 

Finally, when everything was planted, I water them with a small amount of water and placed on the lids.  I have read that the terrariums will be fairly self contained and will only need water when condensation stops forming on the inside. 

Here is the finished product:

And a few close ups:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stone of the Week: Merlinite

Merlinite is a black and white stone that is found in New Mexico and is becoming more and more readily available.  It is said to hold the wisdom of all those who have worked magick before us, whether they be Alchemist, Magician or Shaman.  It is an excellent stone for connecting with nature.  The blending of two colors in each Merlinite stone lends itself to blending and connecting the different realms.  This can be a particularly useful stone for those who are interested in exploring past lives or astral realms.  It also useful to use Merlinite during meditation. 
Merlinite's balancing properties can be used to bring harmony into one's life.  It can also help heal old hurts and aid the user in getting over issues from their past.

Spell to Heal the Gulf

Over at The Witches' Path (formerly The Wandering Witch) we have started The Circle, and will be doing at least one group spell per month.  For the month of June, the members voted for a Spell to Heal the Gulf and I was asked to create the spell.  I thought I would share it here for anyone who is interested.

Find a pond or stream where you will not be disturbed.  You may wish to use a place that has particular meaning for you.  Place your hands in the water and picture white light streaming from your fingertips.  Watch as it grows to fill the water then imagine the light winding its way through steams and groundwater, eventually reaching the ocean.  Picture it cleansing the water, soothing the plants and animals and destroying all traces of black sludge.  When you are ready, recite the following:

I bless all creatures with water pure.
Cease the pollution,
so all may endure.

Bless the environment with your love and will,
So that Mother Earth may prove to be healthy still.

*words adapted from Llewellyn, Spell of the Day

NOTE: If you absolutely cannot reach a body of water, pour your energy into a bowl of water and then pour it outside and picture it flowing into the groundwater. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Merlinite and Amethyst and Celestite, Oh My!

Last week I picked up my layaway from Little Mysteries.  It was a big one, and means that I probably won't be able to do any shopping there for a while, but it was WAY worth it.

First, a nice piece of Merlinite.  Pretty sure this one will end up as Stone of the Week pretty soon

Then two gorgeous amethyst bookends.  The colors on these are just STUNNING!

And, Drum Roll Please......

The Most Beautiful Hunk of Celenite I have ever seen!

It is big and beautiful with gorgeous crystals.  Here is one with a Pepsi can for size comparison

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Bracelet Job Spell

Recently, I asked your help to get a good job at Job Fair.  I am now ready to tell you about the working I was doing for myself. 

I used to make friendship bracelets as a kid.  Even though I haven't attempted to make one in close to ten years, I have always kept the craft box with multitudes of embroidery floss arranged by color.  I felt pulled to do something with them and to put some real effort into getting a job this year.

I lit some incense and a green candle (from the batch I made this winter).  Then, I chose the following colors:

Blue - for opportunity
Green - for the job that is right for me
Purple - for intuition
Yellow - for happiness and learning

Each time I picked up a strand I concentrated on it's meaning and recited a line:

Blue for opportunity, for lots of jobs that I can choose from
Green for the job that is right for me, that will make me happy and further my career
Purple for inspiration, so that I will know the job when I see it
Yellow for happiness and learning, for both myself and my students

I know it isn't exactly poetry, but it was effective for me.  Here is the finished product:

I tied the bracelet and placed in around the candle as it burned out, then wore the bracelet to the job fair. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Waging War on Ants

My apartment has ants.  In the last few days, hundreds of the little buggers are making the trek from my patio into my kitchen.  I called my building manager and he is going to spray the outside, but I am trying to get rid of them without poison inside.  I have two dogs and a cat, and am very wary about using any type of bug repellant in the house.  So far, I have dusted their trail with baking soda, then ran out of that so I tried Pepper (it was recommended).  The pepper didn't seem to be working so well so I then tried baby powder.  I THINK I found a small crack in the doorframe of the patio doors and that this was where they were getting in, so I doused it with baby powder.  Here's hoping they are gone for good.  Anyone else having bug issues?