Friday, July 16, 2010

Book Giveaway: Out of the Broom Closet

Out of the Broom Closet: 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft is a wonderful book that describes, through narratives, the fear, excitement and nervousness that abounds when one steps out of the proverbial Broom Closet.  The stories are funny, inspiring and sometimes a little sad.  They deal with parents, friends, children, co-workers and show how those who stand by you can sometimes be surprising.  This is a great book for anyone who has ever stepped out of the Broom Closet or even for those still buried deep inside.

I will keep the giveaway up for a week or two and then draw a winner.  Remember, the more times you enter, the more chances you get! 

How to Enter

1 entry will be given for each of the following:
-Following my Blog (or already being a follower)
-Adding me on Facebook
-Adding me on Twitter
-Tweeting about the Giveaway
-Blogging about the Giveaway

2 entries will be given for each Friend you refer.  They should comment here or email and mention your username.

Make sure you comment on this post and tell me which of the above you have done.


Tea Witch said...

Following your blog and I've added you on Twitter. Chalk up two for me :)

CousinLinda said...

Following your blog, and I've linked to it on Facebook, if that counts. I've tweeted about it,and I've blogged about it. Thanks!

Kyttin said...

I have already been following you on twitter does that count ^.^ I am following you here too :D

PhoenixWitch said...

Yes they both count CousinLinda and Kyttin.

Rue said...

Following you! I love Erin Murphy Hiscock. I have her Way of the Green Witch, Power Spellcraft for Life and Hedgecraft ( it Hearthcraft?) She's a great author - and Canadian!

Snagged your button too - thanks for posting mine!

Peggy said...

Following you!

Mystikal_Lynnie* said...

Merry meet!
!, added ib facebook
2. following on both {2} blog sites+
3. following on twitter.
4. sent a bunch on invites out.
___________________________________________________ If the time i spent doing all this was turned into entries, i would be the winner. LOL I had to do a blog page,inorder to invite you.
5 going to post your button also. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

pixie13 said...

GFC Follower
Following you on twitter @pixie13sweeps


Nicole Fiander said...

Following your blog and added you on facebook. Lovin' it!

debbie said...

I am a gfc follower. It looks like an interesting book.

Terry Mac said...

I follow your blog. Love the premise of this book.

Terrific. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

Terry Mac said...

We are FB friends, new. (Terry McPherson)

terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

Jon said...

I'd love to be put in the running!

awitchtrying said...

I follow your blog, I'd love the chance to win that book. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Eva Cancela (I chose the "Anonymous" profile because I dont have any of the other accounts that were options)

REGARDLESS, I sent you a facebook friend request, and I posted the following on my profile on facebook:

"Hey everybody! Out of the Broom Closet: 50 True Stories of Witches Who Found and Embraced the Craft is a wonderful book. Go here for info on how you can possibly win a free copy!!!:"

(That post obviously also appears on the home page for all myfriends to see even if they dont go to my profile.)

BleuMoon said...

I am a follower of the blog - Would love this book because trying to figure out if I am ready to come out of the broom closet -



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