Saturday, August 7, 2010

The NEW Halifax Market

Today Fiance and I went to check out the new market.  It is a beautiful airy space (albeit very crowded on opening day).  There was some controversy surrounding the new digs but I say progress (especially progress that allows for more room and better maneuverability for the less-able patrons) is fine by me!  I am assuming that a great deal of the foot traffic consisted of people who were there for a gander at the new building and that, in the coming weeks, things will calm down to the point where the market will be a more relaxing place to be. 

My first glimpse:

Some of the Vendors' wares:

The Wall of Green:

The View from Above:

My Haul: (Fiance couldn't wait to steal a few blueberries)


Anonymous said...

Looks Great. Gotta check it out!

The Blue Faerie said...

I think I would spend all my money there in only a few minutes.

Great site! Good to see another teacher/kitchen witch out there. Stop in and visit anytime! :)

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