Friday, June 11, 2010

Waging War on Ants

My apartment has ants.  In the last few days, hundreds of the little buggers are making the trek from my patio into my kitchen.  I called my building manager and he is going to spray the outside, but I am trying to get rid of them without poison inside.  I have two dogs and a cat, and am very wary about using any type of bug repellant in the house.  So far, I have dusted their trail with baking soda, then ran out of that so I tried Pepper (it was recommended).  The pepper didn't seem to be working so well so I then tried baby powder.  I THINK I found a small crack in the doorframe of the patio doors and that this was where they were getting in, so I doused it with baby powder.  Here's hoping they are gone for good.  Anyone else having bug issues?


Celestite said...

Use Diatomaceous Earth, the food grade kind NOT the swimming pool filter kind. Kills all insects and is harmless to everything else. It's inert, not a chemical compound. Those little ants marched into my house at the first thaw this spring, I sprinkled some diatomaceous earth around, swept it and the dead ants up the next day and they haven't come back. ;-) You can order it online, some feed stores carry it and some gardening shops. Just make sure it is not for a pool filter, that stuff has been chemically treated and is deadly poison to all.

Turtle said...

The best thing I have found is Murphy Oil Soap which is actually made from vegetable oil. Just spray a diluted amount wherever the ants are entering and they'll be dead shortly. Best of all, it's safe around pets and humans.

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

I can't stand these little critters- partly becasue they come in an army! I don't kill spiders, but I will smoosh ants, silverfish(creepy), anything roachy, and flies.
I used comet to sprinkle- but then, it has bleach in it and not good for animals.

Anonymous said...

You can use mint or you can just buy a box of chalk and draw chalk lines.

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