Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Halloweeny Goodies

Some more Halloweeny goodies.  The two cute little witches are new, the door hangers are from last year.




Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stone of the Week: Hematite

Hematite is an excellent grounding stone and is a staple of any witch's collection.  It is a protective stone not only for the physical realm but the astral one as well.  Hematite cleans the aura of negative energies and is particularly useful in stressful and negative environments, especially those involving the legal field.  Those who use this stone find themselves strengthened as it enhances their self esteem, willpower and confidence levels.  Hematite can aid those seeking to overcome addictions or over-indulgences such as smoking or over-eating.  Hematite helps organize the mind and stimulates concentration and focus.  As such, it is a useful stone for any workplace. 
As a healing stone, Hematite is associated with the blood and can be beneficial to those suffering from blood-related conditions such as anemia.  It also aids the kidneys and tissues.  Hematite can be used to treat cramps, anxiety and insomnia.  An elixer can also be used for fevers. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tiger's Eye Abundance Spell

Hold at least 4 tiger's eye stones in your hand and charge them to bring abundance.  Place the stones around a green candle (either in a ring or one stone in each direction - North, South, East and West).  You may chose to anoint the candle with a money drawing or success oil, such as cedarwood.  You may also wish to burn money drawing herbs such as basil or mint (since mint grows and multiplies very fast I find it particularly effective when you need the spell to work quickly).

If you simply need a quick influx of cash try chanting:

Money, money plentiful
Make my wallet mighty full
Money, money overflowing
Keep my cashflow ever growing

If, however, you are looking for more long lasting prosperity I would choose:

My prosperity will grow and flower
Increasing my financial power
Bills are paid with funds to spare
Money both to save and share 

One Holiday At A Time Please!

I love October.  I love the chill in the air, I love digging out my nice sweaters and scarves, I love watching the leaves change and, ultimately, I love Halloween.  I have always loved Halloween.  Even as a kid I would check the tv listings and write down when all my favorite specials were coming on.  It seems to me like those lasted all month!  Now it seems most people cannot wait for Halloween to be over!  The shop have already started to put Halloween merchandise on sale in order to shift it out for their ever growing Christmas stock.  I don't need to see tiny plastic reindeer next to my bloody severed hand, or red and green marring my orange and black!  Don't get me wrong - I love the Christmas season too, but let me enjoy one holiday before forcing me to move on to the next!!  Our consumerist culture simply pushes us to buy buy buy, moving quickly from one holiday to the next so that we do not lose our momentum and stop for even a minute to enjoy the time that we have. 


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stone of the Week: Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful stone and most Pagans tend to have at least one piece lying around.  It is a wonderful stone for creating courage and helping maintain one's convictions.  It brings out the inner integrity in a person and allows them to see true intentions (both their own and others), this, in turn, aids them in accomplishing goals.  Tiger's eye is very potent when it comes to protection and many people wear a piece as a talisman against danger.  It is an excellent stone for attracting money and luck.  When placed on the third eye it can also enhance psychic abilities, particularly in those born under and earth sign.  In terms of healing, Tiger's eye is associated (obviously enough) with the eye and can aid with vision problems.  It is also helpful in repairing broken bones and dissolving constrictions.

Tiger's eye is most commonly known in the gold variety but also comes in Blue and Red.  Blue Tiger's eye has a calming effect and can be particularly helpful with those who are over stressed and/or quick tempered.  It can also slow one's metabolism and calm an overactive sex drive.  Red Tiger's Eye has the opposite effect, speeding up one's metabolism and increasing a low sex drive.  It is also a motivating stone that can help overcome lethargy and procrastination. 

I'm a Winner - Mrs B says so!!

I have been entering some of the contests over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom with Mrs B and it turns out I actually won!!

This awesome wall hanging comes from Michele with a Single L Designs  Check out her site for some more amazing finds!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Cemetery Excursion

Just last week my very non-pagan boyfriend made a very out of the blue suggestion.  He mentioned that he had read about where Alexander Keith (Nova Scotian politician and brewmaster - the creator Keith's Beer) was buried and suggested that we visit a local graveyard to check it out.  All I could think was SQUEEEE!!!  I love visiting old graveyards, so off we went, camera in two to check out two in our fair city.

First the Downtown Cemetery (the official name escapes me but I will edit if I remember it)


 A monument to the man who founded the first Freemason Lodge in Canada

Looks like someone else had an even better time than we did!

Then on to the Camp Hill Cemetary

Love the detail work on this one:

Here is our good buddy Alexander Keith:

And the grave of Joseph Howe, Nova Scotian journalist, politician and outspoken opponent to Confederation:

A perfect October excursion.  I am hoping we will be able to continue our little trips and explore some of the lesser known cemeteries, who knows who we will find!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Attracting Abundance and Positive Energy with Citrine

Citrine is a fairly plentiful and commonly used stone and so I am really hoping that some of you are playing along at home with our Stone of the Week game. Here are some of the ways in which you can participate with your Citrine stone.

- Place a piece of Citrine in the wealth corner of your home (furthest to the rear and left of your front door). You may also wish to strengthen this by adding rose quartz and aventurine in order to attract not only money but also success.

- Carry or display a piece of Citrine and a piece of amethyst in order to promote happy relationships. Citrine fills you with joy and confidence while amethyst helps calm strong emotions and allows you to get in touch with your feelings.

- Ever feel that your bathroom is has a heavy atmosphere? This can be especially strong for those in apartments like mine with no window. Try keeping a piece of Citrine where it will catch the light and lift those weighty vibrations.

- Feeling out of sorts and down on yourself? Take a few minutes to lie comfortably and place a citrine crystal on your solar plexus chakra. Concentrate on your ego issues and let them slip away. Repeat daily for a few weeks or until you are feeling yourself again.

- Help menopausal symptoms with a Citrine elixir. Clean your stone thoroughly with water and then place in a glass container. Cover the stone with mineral water and allow to sit on a sunny window sill for 1-2 hours. Remove the crystal and store the liquid. Drink a small amount whenever you feel symptoms

Sources: Crystal Energy by Mary Lambert

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'd Rather be Burned as a Witch - video montage

I just discovered "I'd Rather be Burned as a Witch" by Eartha Kitt and I LOVE IT!!!! Give a Listen! 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Stone of the Week: Citrine

This week I am hoping for abundance.  I am awaiting word from my lawyer about an injury settlement from a car accident a few years ago.  If I am able to clear enough, I will have a healthy down-payment and be able to start looking for a house.  So I decided to choose Citrine, the stone of abundance, to work with this week.  Citrine not only helps to attract wealth and prosperity but also reminds us to share our fortune with others.  It dispels worry and negativity and brings joy to all those nearby.  It can help one overcome fear and dispel anger.  Citrine also carries the power of the sun and I am hoping it is able to provide warmth because my classroom this year is FREEZING!!
In terms of healing, citrine balances the aura and is particularly useful for digestive problems.  Perhaps something most of us Canadians could use today after gorging ourselves on thanksgiving turkey!  It also increases blood circulation and can be used as an elixer to alleviate menstrual problems.

To begin with my Citrine practice this week, I have placed a citrine crystal in the wealth corner of my apartment (the corner furthest back and to the left of your front door) with the point facing into the house in order to bring prosperity to my home.  I will also be carrying a piece of citrine and taking time each day to "feel" wealthy and to appreciate all that I have.

A Wonderful Week of Celestite

A short update on my working with Celestite.  I have been finding myself obsessed with this stone lately and, as such, have acquired a few large pieces.  During the week I carried a piece of celestite every day and believe that it has helped me lower my stress levels and remain positive during a very trying week.  I have also meditated with the large celestite globe pictured below but I did not see any noticeable difference except that I nearly feel asleep.  This, however, could be due to a hectic work schedule and my poor meditating skills (I'm working on it but it is hard for me to keep up the practice).  Speaking of sleep, whenever I had difficulty falling asleep, as I often do due to constant thoughts about work, I held a large piece of celestite and it definitely helped me to relax and eventually to drop off.  I even had difficulty not falling asleep with the stone in my hand!  All in all, celestite is a wonderful, relaxing stone and has definitely become my "go to" stone for stress relief.

Halloweeny Goodies.

I finally broke out my camera so I could show you some of the more recent additions to my home. 

First, My Altar by Daylight

My Altar by Candlelight

Some of my larger stones.  First, Amethyst




This is my newest acquisition.  A large Celestite sphere.

And here are some Halloweeny goodies that caught my eye on a recent shopping trip.  First,an adorable witch ornament.  I really want to start collecting these so that I can put up a Halloween Tree.

And finally, the cutest little witch doll.  This is Lucy, from Peanuts.  Dressed as a Witch.  If you press on her foot she says " A person should always choose a costume which is in direct contrast to her own personality"

What Goodies have you gotten recently??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Connecting to Energies from the Other Side with Celestite.

Celestite is known for allowing us access to the entities of the other side.  In particular, it is noted for enhancing contact with angels.  In order to strengthen your connection to your own angels, try combining an angel statue or picture with a piece of celestite.  You Might:

- Place the celestite and the picture/statue on your altar and visit it each morning.  Ask the stone to show you the love and protection that surrounds you throughout your day.

- Meditate with the celestite and the picture/statue.  Choose music or incense (perhaps frankincense) that also helps connects you with the other side.  During meditation you may also wish to place the celestite at your crown chakra as it is associated with spirituality.

- Carry the celestite and the picture/statue (if they are not too large) with your throughout your day.  Watch for signs that angels are nearby.

**NOTE: The suggestions above can work with any entity that you like, simply substitute their image.  I do NOT however, recommend calling on a particular friend or relative as they may not be among your personal protectors and you may be pulling them from important work elsewhere.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stone of the Week: Celestite

I am going to attempt to concentrate on one stone a week.  I will begin by blogging a description of the stone, then work with the stone for the week and post any thoughts and impressions.  I encourage any of my readers to try the same, that way we can compare notes!  Since I recently purchased a large Celestite sphere, I thought I would start with this stone. 

Color: Blue and White
Appearance: Transparent, pyramidal crystals as medium to large cluster or geode, or platelike piece
Rarity: Easily obtained but quite expensive
Source: Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya, Madagascar

Celestite is a beautiful stone that embodies peace and tranquility.  It is an excellent stone for stress relief and can help create a harmonious environment, try placing a large piece in a stressful room (office, kitchen, laundry room etc) for an instant mood adjustment.  These properties also make it a stone that can concur insomnia.  Celestite can reduce anxiety and help heal relationship problems and promote peaceful negotiations.  It provides a connection to the divine, be that god and goddess, spirits, fairies or angels and can be particularly helpful for meditation and astral travel.  Celestite also promotes truth and can be helpful when a situation calls for honesty from all parties. 
Physically, celestite can be used to relieve headaches and relax muscles.  It is associated with the throat chakra and can be helpful with thyroid problems.  It is believe to be helpful with women undergoing menstruation but, if used in this way, should be cleansed after each period.

Important note: Celestite will fade in direct sunlight so be cautious about where you are placing your pieces.

The Crystal Bibe - Judy Hall
Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic - Scott Cunningham

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Connective Power of Food

Boyfriend and I are embarking on a new tradition: cooking together.  Up until this point he has only been encouraged to enter the kitchen in order to cook ground beef while I chop veggies (ground beef is the base for several of the meals that I make - don't worry, I buy it as lean as possible within my budget).  But now he is showing an interest in taking a more participatory role in the food that we eat.  Last night we went to the grocery store at around 8:30 and spent an hour picking up some necessities and picking out some treats.  He then decided that he wanted to cook breakfast in the morning (something he has never done in the 4 years that we have been together).  So we picked up bacon, eggs and hashbrowns and this morning we created a wonderful breakfast together (well more like a brunch - boyfriend is damn near impossible to get out of bed before 11 am.

This whole excursion has got me thinking about the connective power of food, in particular, of sharing the entire process of food, from shopping, to storing, to preparing and cleaning up.  The grocery store was fairly deserted so we were able to meander through the aisles, picking out items and playing around.  It was one of the most fun evenings that we have had since the summer ended.  I am hoping that we can make this a weekend tradition and that working together to create something will bring us even closer.  Cooking always brings me back to my mother's kitchen, making spaghetti sauce or homemade soup.  It was always just us girls and we were able to have some of the most amazing conversations over the smell of simmering vegetables.  I am sure that my mother also flashes back to her mother's kitchen and her 6 sisters talking, laughing, sharing and eating. 

I often wonder what we are losing in our ever increasingly fast paced world.  These days hardly anyone cooks from scratch.  Most people prepare meals from pre-packaged dinners which are hyped as being fast and convenient.  How many children have never witnessed a meal created from real, fresh ingredients, or spent an afternoon in a warm, comforting kitchen, stirring a dish while mom or dad cut up vegetables?  What are our children missing out on when we prefer fast and easy to slow but filled with love?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy First Day of October!

Just a quick note to say Happy First Day of October!  I love this time of year, when things start cooling down, the leaves start changing and I can start obsessing over Halloween music, costumes, decorations and movies!  As the wheel continues to change we can look forward to comfy flannel jammies, hot chocolate (gourmet only in my house!) and that first cold, crisp snowfall.  But first, a blessed and spiritual (or wild and crazy) Samhain!!  Let the season begin!