Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Halloweeny Goodies

Some more Halloweeny goodies.  The two cute little witches are new, the door hangers are from last year.





Rue said...

Cute and witchy!

Wendy Hawksley said...

The majority of decorations on my front door are all Witch-related. The rest stay inside the house. But I love having "Witches Welcome" and "The Witch is In" where everybody can see them. ;)

The Soccer Moms' Guide to Wicca said...

My daughter is having a sleepover on Halloween for her birthday (she turns 10 tomorrow), and they're going trick or treating. One of the girls said she couldn't come because Halloween was against her religion. I spoke with her mom, who said she could come, but the witches and ghosts were things they had to take very seriously, because of the danger.

She's coming, but I wonder what she's going to say when her mom drops her off and there's a 6 foot 'snowglobe' with a witch on it next to my path, and a sign a lot like yours that says "The witch is in/out"? Or the broom over my front door?

I don't think they'll be staying, and that makes me sad.

And the funny part is, I've been her Girl Scout leader for 3 years. I don't allow religion in the group, and I made sure that the GS council knew I was Wiccan when I signed up. They told me it didn't matter what religion I was, as long as I didn't bring it into the troop. So the moms don't know, because it's none of their business.

I'm interested in seeing what happens...

Em, I think I just wrote a blog post in your comment box... Please plead ignorance if I cut and paste this into my next post:)

PhoenixWitch said...

lol, don't worry about it!

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