Sunday, October 11, 2009

Connecting to Energies from the Other Side with Celestite.

Celestite is known for allowing us access to the entities of the other side.  In particular, it is noted for enhancing contact with angels.  In order to strengthen your connection to your own angels, try combining an angel statue or picture with a piece of celestite.  You Might:

- Place the celestite and the picture/statue on your altar and visit it each morning.  Ask the stone to show you the love and protection that surrounds you throughout your day.

- Meditate with the celestite and the picture/statue.  Choose music or incense (perhaps frankincense) that also helps connects you with the other side.  During meditation you may also wish to place the celestite at your crown chakra as it is associated with spirituality.

- Carry the celestite and the picture/statue (if they are not too large) with your throughout your day.  Watch for signs that angels are nearby.

**NOTE: The suggestions above can work with any entity that you like, simply substitute their image.  I do NOT however, recommend calling on a particular friend or relative as they may not be among your personal protectors and you may be pulling them from important work elsewhere.


Anna said...

Thanks for this information I will look for Celestite the next time I'm in my favorite store :-)

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