Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tiger's Eye Abundance Spell

Hold at least 4 tiger's eye stones in your hand and charge them to bring abundance.  Place the stones around a green candle (either in a ring or one stone in each direction - North, South, East and West).  You may chose to anoint the candle with a money drawing or success oil, such as cedarwood.  You may also wish to burn money drawing herbs such as basil or mint (since mint grows and multiplies very fast I find it particularly effective when you need the spell to work quickly).

If you simply need a quick influx of cash try chanting:

Money, money plentiful
Make my wallet mighty full
Money, money overflowing
Keep my cashflow ever growing

If, however, you are looking for more long lasting prosperity I would choose:

My prosperity will grow and flower
Increasing my financial power
Bills are paid with funds to spare
Money both to save and share 


greekwitch said...

I would like to welcome you to my blog! I love this spell and i really need it right now.

Anonymous said...

Can you let me know what cycle of the moon is best for this sell?

Thank you.


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