Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stone of the Week: Celestite

I am going to attempt to concentrate on one stone a week.  I will begin by blogging a description of the stone, then work with the stone for the week and post any thoughts and impressions.  I encourage any of my readers to try the same, that way we can compare notes!  Since I recently purchased a large Celestite sphere, I thought I would start with this stone. 

Color: Blue and White
Appearance: Transparent, pyramidal crystals as medium to large cluster or geode, or platelike piece
Rarity: Easily obtained but quite expensive
Source: Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Libya, Madagascar

Celestite is a beautiful stone that embodies peace and tranquility.  It is an excellent stone for stress relief and can help create a harmonious environment, try placing a large piece in a stressful room (office, kitchen, laundry room etc) for an instant mood adjustment.  These properties also make it a stone that can concur insomnia.  Celestite can reduce anxiety and help heal relationship problems and promote peaceful negotiations.  It provides a connection to the divine, be that god and goddess, spirits, fairies or angels and can be particularly helpful for meditation and astral travel.  Celestite also promotes truth and can be helpful when a situation calls for honesty from all parties. 
Physically, celestite can be used to relieve headaches and relax muscles.  It is associated with the throat chakra and can be helpful with thyroid problems.  It is believe to be helpful with women undergoing menstruation but, if used in this way, should be cleansed after each period.

Important note: Celestite will fade in direct sunlight so be cautious about where you are placing your pieces.

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