Monday, October 12, 2009

Stone of the Week: Citrine

This week I am hoping for abundance.  I am awaiting word from my lawyer about an injury settlement from a car accident a few years ago.  If I am able to clear enough, I will have a healthy down-payment and be able to start looking for a house.  So I decided to choose Citrine, the stone of abundance, to work with this week.  Citrine not only helps to attract wealth and prosperity but also reminds us to share our fortune with others.  It dispels worry and negativity and brings joy to all those nearby.  It can help one overcome fear and dispel anger.  Citrine also carries the power of the sun and I am hoping it is able to provide warmth because my classroom this year is FREEZING!!
In terms of healing, citrine balances the aura and is particularly useful for digestive problems.  Perhaps something most of us Canadians could use today after gorging ourselves on thanksgiving turkey!  It also increases blood circulation and can be used as an elixer to alleviate menstrual problems.

To begin with my Citrine practice this week, I have placed a citrine crystal in the wealth corner of my apartment (the corner furthest back and to the left of your front door) with the point facing into the house in order to bring prosperity to my home.  I will also be carrying a piece of citrine and taking time each day to "feel" wealthy and to appreciate all that I have.


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

This is amazing! I love your stone segments. Citrine is one of my favorite stones, I just love making jewelry with it.

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