Monday, October 12, 2009

A Wonderful Week of Celestite

A short update on my working with Celestite.  I have been finding myself obsessed with this stone lately and, as such, have acquired a few large pieces.  During the week I carried a piece of celestite every day and believe that it has helped me lower my stress levels and remain positive during a very trying week.  I have also meditated with the large celestite globe pictured below but I did not see any noticeable difference except that I nearly feel asleep.  This, however, could be due to a hectic work schedule and my poor meditating skills (I'm working on it but it is hard for me to keep up the practice).  Speaking of sleep, whenever I had difficulty falling asleep, as I often do due to constant thoughts about work, I held a large piece of celestite and it definitely helped me to relax and eventually to drop off.  I even had difficulty not falling asleep with the stone in my hand!  All in all, celestite is a wonderful, relaxing stone and has definitely become my "go to" stone for stress relief.


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