Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stone of the Week - Pyrite

Pyrite is associated with the element of Fire and with Mars.  Also known as fool's gold, pyrite is often found near deposits of real gold.  As such, it is a particularly good stone for drawing money and luck to it's owner.  Pyrite is also an excellent addition to a money drawing altar or corner in the home.  Polished pyrite may have been used in the past as a divining or scrying stone.  In any form, it can help aid intuition and connect the left and right side of the brain to increase creativity as well as logical thinking. 
Pyrite is used to protect against infections and viruses.  It can increase physical stamina, remove negativity from the aura and was used to guard against crocodile attacks - though if you wish to avoid crocodile attacks I would recommend simply avoiding crocodiles.  Try working with a piece of pyrite this week!


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