Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Witch in the Wardrobe - Tonight's Episode of Bones

Just a reminder that tonight's episode of Bones features Witches and is called The Witch in the Wardrobe. From what I can glean from the teaser it is a coven of witches that - at one point - dance naked under the moon (this already gives me misgivings - naked witches in the media is a pet peeve of mine). I do hope they do right by their subject matter as I really do love this show. Here is the teaser:

P.S: The teaser says Thursday, but the episode is airing tonight - at least according to the tv guide for my area.


TickleTeckla said...

I saw the preview last night. I have the DVR set. Its airing tomorrow for me. Thanks for the reminder :D

adnan said...


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