Thursday, May 6, 2010

TV: Bones' Portrayal of Witches ***SPOILER ALERT

All in all, I think the episode was mediocre. While not outright insulting of witches, the show did not portray a realistic view of Witchcraft today. Bones and Sweets made a habit of correcting Booth on his misinformation about witches but they also made it seem that there are two types: bad witches and Wiccans. The Wiccan characters themselves were extremely flaky and laughable. They insisted on being called by their craft names (Rowan and Ember) and refused to give "The names society assigned to us, not while in the sacred grove". I found myself rolling my eyes at their dialogue and cringing at their strange way of speaking. And, OF COURSE, they danced naked under the moon - URG! Sidenote: what was with Booth's crack about that only happening with the ones you don't want to see naked? Those witches were HAWT!
The episode also features remains that had been robbed from a grave and (since they had been pressed to death) were OBVIOUSLY the bones of a witch in Salem and there JUST HAPPENED to be a direct descendant who was a practicing Wiccan in a local coven. They even made mention of the Ergot poisoning theory and recycled it as the cause for the new murder.
In the end, I was not highly offended by the episode but I was not impressed with the ridiculousness of the plot and the characters. Seems I am still awaiting some tv show to finally get it right.


Sydnii said...

I've heard the Simpsons did a not-bad job when Lisa found a coven practicing. I haven't seen the episode personally, but others have said it wasn't bad. And I've also noticed the trend of the "bad witches and wiccans" dichotomy... How ridiculous.

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