Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stone of the Week - Labradorite

I have been rather lax with my Stone of The Week postings and am going to attempt to remedy this.  In honor of my recent purchase of two BEAUTIFUL Labradorite bookends.  I have chosen it as the stone of the week.
Labradorite is a beautiful blue-green, iridescent stone.  It remains very popular among pagans from many paths and can be found in countries such as Canada, Finland, Greenland and Russia, just to name a few.  Labradorite strengthens and protects the aura, removing or deflecting unwanted energy and preventing positive energy from "leaking".  It can strengthen psychic powers and help connect oneself to all that is mystical and mysterious in the world.  Labradorite acts as a bridge between the user and their higher self or higher knowledge, as such, it can strengthen intuition and inspire imagination.  This makes it an excellent stone for anyone working in creative fields.  It is also an excellent stone to accompany therapy, especially past-life therapy as it can awaken suppressed or forgotten memories. 
Labradorite can be used to balance hormones and regulate metabolism.  It can aid with problems involving the eyes and the brain.  It also works with the immune system and can be used in dealing with the common cold.  Labradorite is also very effective in dealing with bone and joint problems such as arthritis. 


K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

Thankyou! One of the reasons I started following your blog was your stone of the week! I love the bits of info you give us.

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