Monday, April 5, 2010

Light at the End of the Tunnel

With the coming of the Easter weekend I am, quite literally, leaving the cold of winter behind and entering the beauty of spring.  In teaching, January thru March is an incredibly difficult time of year.  As with everyone, we have to deal with getting up in the dark, being stuck inside a poorly lit, concrete building all day and then emerging in the dark.  The kids are cranky and more disruptive and we have less patience to deal with it.  There are no holidays here after the Christmas break and before the March break.  This time of year often feels like a marathon where we are just striving to reach the finish line without falling flat on our faces.  I did get to have a lovely March break, my mother came to visit and then my fiance returned from Haiti amid much fanfare.  However, once I returned to school I had to settle in for the two week ordeal that is report card season.  I finished those on Thursday but, because of the system that this school uses, I expect I will spend the next week and a half changing things until I am ready to vomit at the thought of opening that program one more time! 

Now comes the home stretch for the year.  This is also theatre season and, since I direct the school's musical, things will not be any less busy between now and June.  But, it is my intention to make more of an effort to reconnect with the spiritual side of life as well as with the friends that I have neglected during these dark and dreary months.  It is time to open the door and let in the light.


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