Monday, April 19, 2010

Stone of the Week: Zincite

On a recent trip to my favorite shop Little Mysteries (yes, again - I was tempted by tales of spirit quartz) I picked up a stunning piece of yellow zincite and, of course, am now motivated to learn more about it.

Zincite comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow and green. Zincite removes blockages and promotes creative thinking.  The overwhelming feeling that I get from my stone is one of joy.  It also brings fun and new ideas, something I'm sure we all can use from time to time.  The yellow variety is particularly good at overcoming inadequacy and instills courage and confidence while boosting personal power.  Zincite is also said to be useful in overcoming phobias and in coming to terms with changes such as menopause or empty-nest syndrome.  It promotes friendships and brings together like-minded people.

Physically, Zincite is well known for re-energizing both body and spirit.  It has been used to treat blockages within the body such as mucus conditions.  Because it boosts the immune system, Zincite is effective in the treatment of auto-immune diseases and AIDS.  It may also help prevent epileptic seizures and aid in fertility.


Rue said...

What a pretty crystal! I don't have this one. Will have to keep my eyes out...

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