Monday, April 26, 2010

Musical Monday

One of those songs that just makes a bad day better, especially if sung while making Midnight Margaritas!!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi...i just signed on to follow you! thanks for stopping by. did you see that i have the original spellbook from the movie practical magic? you can find it on my sidebar if you want to take a look. i also have Sally's umbrella!

Rue said...

I seriously love this song! Loved it even before the movie - but the midnight margaritas really help!

You asked about the Spring Fest, and we do have two of them a year - the Spring one, for men and women, and then the Wise Woman's Festival in Sept. I wish we had more openly Pagan events though. These are 'Spiritual' retreats, and there are Pagans present, but not too many people are 'out' around here.

Adalai said...

This is an excellent song! Great choice!
Followed you over here by Mystic Wicks, btw! I'm following you :)

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