Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stone of the Week: Chrysocolla

I was shopping at my favorite New Age store last week and a new stone caught my eye.  Chrysocolla is a very gentle stone that promotes peace, tranquility and harmony.  It removes negativity from a person or place and is an excellent stone for easing fear, anxiety and guilt.  Crysocolla is associated with the throat chakra and, ask such, helps with communication.  It also increases intuition and creativity. 

As a healing stone, Crysocolla can aid with many stress related issues such as ulcers, headaches and digestive problems.  It also clears breathing pathways and is helpful for those who suffer from asthma, emphysema and pneumonia.  This soothing stone is also excellent at reducing PMS and muscle cramps during a woman's menstruation. 


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