Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fighting the Urge to Hibernate

I would like to link to a friends blog post entitled "Are Modern Pagans Outdoor-Phobic?"

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I am finding myself fighting this very tendency but I think it is more the time of year than anything.  I leave my school at around 4pm, by this point it is getting dark out (most days are overcast so it is plenty dark out).  I drive home to my empty apartment, take the dogs outside in the shivering cold, fix some supper for one and then spend the rest of the evening cuddled up on the couch surfing online and/or watching tv.  Every week I start off with the good intentions of going for a walk each evening but, each week, I allow myself to be sucked back into the comfort of my couch, a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate.  I find it difficult to get excited about doing anything that forces be out into the cold, be it friends, shopping or ritual.  And frankly, despite Imbolc fast approaching, I don't see winter as ending anytime soon. 


The Wizardess epi said...

Hi Phoenix! Down here on the US East coast we are digging out from under a storm with another one on the way tomorrow evening. And we are NOT used to it, so it's major! Come look at my igloo on my blog. Any springy Imbolc stirrings are buried deep.

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