Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rant – Why do we attract Bat Shit Crazy

I am constantly floored by the number of articles featuring people who claim to be Wiccan, Druid or otherwise Pagan and who are, subsequently, claiming discrimination because of their faith. I am sure that there are legitimate claims out there and that there are people who truly need to get the message out there that treating someone badly because of their faith is wrong. But it seems that more and more often, the people who are making these claims are out of their frickin minds! Is it the openness of our path that attracts people who are a few cards short of a tarot deck or is it that those same people simply look at themselves and think “hmm, I’m white, physically average and of the middle class, how can I blame my problems on someone else – I know! I’ll be Pagan!!!”
It is not bad enough that these people take up valuable time and tax dollars with ridiculous lawsuits but do they have to proclaim their Pagan faith one minute and, with the next breath, claim that “the Goddess is going to take me to the moon on her rainbow spaceship” or “I’ve put a hex on the whole world and that’s why everyone hates Mondays and rainy days”. *handface* Perhaps these people need to make these claims because they ran out of the “good” drugs didn’t get enough attention as children. Perhaps they simply haven’t been picked up by the men in white yet (or are able to avoid them due to their super duper magic wand wielding abilities). Either way, I am so tired of every news story containing the word wiccan, witch or pagan to be featuring someone who clearly lost their grip with reality somewhere between “magick sounds cool” and “I am the grand supreme master of the dark arts, thou shall bow to me and worship before I smote thee” (I assume that most crazy people also like to use words like thee and thou). So please, if you are one of these people – and you know who you are – stop running from the nice doctors and let them help Prince Valium take you on a magical ride to the Goddess, through a gumdrop field, on a unicorn, who can talk, and poops out rainbows. But please, for the love of the Goddess, STOP TALKING TO THE PRESS!


mrsb said...

Oh, that drives me INSANE!

Anna said...

so so true!

wanderingbroom said...

Hi! i just came to your blog via Dreaming of Rosemary. And oh my god*dess, this post made me sit up and take notice. Yes, you're sooo right!! This isn't always the case but I find that soo many of the articles written by people who felt they were discriminated/insulted due to their pagan beliefs were just plain crazy people to begin with and would've incurred the same treatment had they not been pagan!

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