Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I always find introductions to be very difficult. How does one sum up their entire existence into a few sentences? Unfailingly, I fall back into defining myself based on where I grew up. Hello, I call myself PhoenixWitch and I am from a small town on the East Coast of Canada
My hometown is only about 800 people strong, and that is including the large percentage of men who spend copious amounts of time in Fort Mac. It is mainly a fishing village and I am a fisherman’s daughter. As a teenager I found small town life to be incredibly stifling. And, as such, I searched for any way I could to escape. This led me to the wonderful world of literature. I read and re-read (and re-read again) everything of interest in our very tiny school library and dreamed of shopping at Chapters on those rare trips to “Town” (Town being St. John’s which was a 4 hour drive away). As many pagans, I was first drawn to this path because of fiction. I read everything I could with the words “witch” or “magic” in the title. I watched movies like The Craft and started to get a glimpse into a world that was much more interesting than the boring Catholic one in which I had been raised. Again like many pagans, my first foray into “real” pagan books was through Ravenwolf (Jeezy Creezy, we have got to change that and get some teen friendly books out there with a little more substance).
It wasn’t until I got out of my parents house that I could freely practice my faith and even then I found it incredibly lonely. There were no Pagan stores in St. John’s, there were no pagan groups at that time. I found a few great websites and forums and read as much as I could (Goddess Bless Chapters website for supplementing the crappy New Age section in the local store).
Moving to Halifax has allowed me to grow in ways I never imagined possible. I have the freedom to display my books and tools (though I find I am hiding less and less as time goes on) and I have real friends to not only discuss this path with but to actually work with – remind me to blog later about the awesome Samhain ritual we did in a graveyard last year! I only hope I can continue to learn and grow and that maybe, through this blog or my contributions to other sites, I might be able to help that kid who right now is growing up in a small town and searching for something that finally feels “right”.
I started this blog as a place that is all my own, in order to post whatever comes to mind in my magick and mundane life. I was asked a while ago to join a blog with friends of mine and we created Pagan Views from the East Coast
I quickly realized that I was quickly monopolizing the blog and posting almost twice as much as they were! I never knew that I had that much to say! I certainly don't want to be the one "taking over" so I moved here, though I will continue to post there as well. So I hope you will enjoy my ranting and raving about life, love, magick and teaching.


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