Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Travel Blues

I created a little mojo bag to take with me on my trip to Newfoundland in order to keep travel woes to a minimum.  It worked great on the way over but seems to have worn out before my return flight when bad luck took over with a vengence! Halifax was being battered by its first big storm of the winter and my flight was diverted to Toronto.  After a 45 min wait on baggage, a 30 min wait to get a new flight for the next morning and a 1 1/2 hour wait (in the freezing cold!) for a shuttle, I finally made it to the hotel.  A short time later I met some of the people from my flight at the resteraunt for dinner and an hour and 15 mins later we STILL hadn't gotten any food!  A 4:30 rise saw me to the airport for 5:15, then check in, security and on to the plane.  Where we sat, next to the terminal for an hour to wait for catering.  Catering, for a 2 hour flight!  When I finally made it back to Halifax I discovered that Fiance had taken his car to pick me up instead of his own and, just when I thought my bad luck was over, we break down.   

I really hope the rest of 2010 is nothing like its beginning!


Rue said...

Hope this is the worst you will encounter this year! Glad you are finally home safe!

DeinaM said...

Get all the bad stuff done at the 1st of the year and the rest will be a breeze! Glad your back home safe!

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